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The Feud

The Feud has been in the process of design for almost 3 years. It is a limited edition with only 25 to ever be made. It has the same components as the Celebrity model. This model is derived from the famous Hatfield and McCoy feud from the 1800's, and all the inlays represent a part of it. The resonator is hand painted by Jackie Shepherd of Custom Inlay. It is a picture of "Devil Anse" Hatfield and Randell McCoy with the Tug River between them. This banjo definitely displays a piece of history and will for sure be a collectors item.


  • Curly maple sunburst with gold plated metal parts
  • Hatfield flat head tone ring
  • 1 pc. flange
  • Gotoh geared tuners
  • 3-Ply Northern Hard Rock Maple Rim from Jimmy Cox
  • Finest curly maple Gill resonator hand painted by Jackie Shepherd
  • Curly maple neck handmade by Arthur Hatfield
  • Rosewood fingerboard (ebony on request)
  • Inlay by Custom Inlay
  • All parts assembled and all wood parts finished by Arthur Hatfield
  • The Feud Banjo
  • The Feud Banjo
  • The Feud Banjo
  • The Feud Banjo Neck
  • The Feud Banjo Neck
  • The Feud Banjo Neck

Price: $4,500

Note: actual shipping cost will be added to all orders.

"One of the greatest sounding banjos I have ever played."
Dayle Eskridge - Dayle Eskridge & Changing Times

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