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Artists Who Play Hatfield Banjos

  • Tom Boyd

    Tom Boyd

    of Dry Branch Fire Squad

    Tom Boyd is "to the manor born" (as the old saying goes) if manor were manner and that manner were MUSIC. He is an expert banjoist and Dobro player who has performed over the last forty years with the likes of Larry Sparks, The Allen Brothers, Mac Wiseman, Hylo Brown, Jack Casey and many others.

    Tom plays a custom Hatfield banjo.

  • Dean Osborne

    Dean Osborne

    of Dean Osborne Band

    Dean has shared the stage with some of the most well-known names in the Bluegrass world, including the Osborne Brothers, J.D. Crowe and Ralph Stanley. He has also recorded as a guest artist with Richard Bennett and appears on Rebel Records first "Live" video.

    Dean plays a Celebrity model.

  • John Mark Bachelor

    John Mark Batchelor

    Formerly of Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper now freelance and studio work

    John Batchelor, the red headed, self-taught banjo picker from Back Swamp, North Carolina, has been playing for about 5 years. He has a strong musical family background in southern gospel music.

    John Mark plays a Buck Creek model.

  • Carl Williams Jr.

    Carl Williams Jr.

    Formerly of Newfound Road now Kati Penn and NewTown

    Jr. as he is known to thousands of Southern Gospel fans across the nation is NewFound Roads' banjo player and tenor singer as well as playing some lead guitar and singing lead.

    Carl plays a Special model.

  • Brian Leaver

    Brian Leaver

    Formerly of Tony Holt & The Wildwood Valley Boys now freelance and studio work

    Growing up surrounded by Bluegrass, Brian recollects many festivals and bands, one of his favorites being Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys. Influences include Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe, Don Reno, Bela Fleck, Alan Munde, Garland Shuping, and Butch Robbins.

    Brian plays a Buck Creek model.

  • Ed Stacey

    Ed Stacey

    of Black Jack Ridge

    Ed Stacey has been in the bands of, or played for artists such as; Bill Grant, and Delhia Bell. The Rocky Road Ramblers, Joe Diffie, and "Special Edition", Union Standard, Timberline Drive, Sally Mander, and the "Blisterd Lizerds" and currently Blackjack Ridge. Ed proudly endorses Hatfield banjos, and currently plays a "Buck Creek", and a walnut custom.

    Ed plays a Buck Creek model.

  • Daniel Grindstaff

    Daniel Grindstaff

    Plays with Marty Raybon

    Daniel has traveled all over the United States and Canada with the best in bluegrass and acoustic music. He has worked at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville for the past six years with such artists as mandolin legend Jesse McReynolds, and the Legendary Osborne Brothers.

    Daniel plays a Stonycreek model with custom name block.

  • Tommy Brown

    Tommy Brown

    of Tommy Brown & The County Line Grass

    With family roots traced to Bill Monroe's home place of Ohio County, Kentucky, Tommy Brown cut his teeth, so to speak, on classic traditional bluegrass. His musical abilities were recognized when he garnered both the Kentucky State and the Tennessee State Banjo Championships.

    Tommy plays a Rocky Hill model.

  • Dana Cupp

    Dana Cupp

    He has worked with some of the top stars in Bluegrass - Jimmy Martin, Bill Monroe and The Osborne Brothers as their banjo player after Sonny's shoulder surgery until his retirement and then on to work with Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top X-Press.

  • Jeremy Blankenship

    Jeremy Blankenship

    of Tony Holt & The Wildwood Valley Boys

    Jeremy spent his childhood playing Gospel Bluegrass with his family band, The Shiveley Family. He made the switch into secular bluegrass a few years ago. He is now playing for Rebel Recording Artist Tony Holt & The Wildwood Valley Boys.

    Jeremy plays a Special model.

  • Lee Flood

    Lee Flood

    Plays for Ted Jones and The Tarheel Boys out of Smithfield, NC. As well as his own local band out of Rocky Mount NC - Carolina Grass.

    Lee is from from Rocky Mount, NC.

    "This is the best banjo, I've played and feel honored to own it. Arthur built my Buck Creek Custom exactly as I wanted it & it delivers tone, volume, & playability I look for in a banjo. No hype, none needed Hatfield Banjos & Arthur's customer service is second to none."

    Lee plays a Buck Creek Custom model.

  • David Barnett

    David Barnett

    of Mountain Melody

    A mighty fine up and coming banjo picker from Ermine, KY. Plays with Mountain Melody.

    David plays a Hatfield Walnut Special with custom name block.

  • Ron Mosley

    Ron Mosley

    Ron has worked with such fine artists as Dale Ann Bradley, Billie Renee and Cumberland Gap, David Parmley and Continental Divide also worked on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance for quite a while and now doing gigs and fill in jobs with several different bands.

    Ron plays a Buck Creek model. Photo by Sandy Ramey.

  • Jayd Raines

    Jayd Raines

    plays with Ralph Stanley II

    Jayd is a young man from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Although young, he's already worked for and traveled with the likes of Marty Raybon, Don Rigsby, and is now on the road full time with Ralph Stanley II.

    Jayd says "This is the best I have ever played and I am proud to have a Hatfield."

  • Jason Davis

    Jason Davis

    of Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice and has played with Grasstowne, Blueridge, and Kenny & Amanda Smith.

    "I absolutely LOVE my Buck Creek model. It's got the growl & clarity i like in a banjo. No matter where you go on the neck it never looses anything"

    Jason plays a Buck Creek model.

    Photo by Peter Noorman.

  • Mike Carr

    Mike Carr "Lardo"

    of The Moron Brothers

    "I've got several banjos, but the Hatfield is the only one in my will. Banjos like the Hatfields are worth passing down. This is a rich man's banjo at a poor man's price"

    Lardo plays a Celebrity model with nickel parts.

  • Derek Vaden

    Derek Vaden

    of The Rebekah Long Band

    "This banjo is a hoss, It eats up a microphone better than any banjo I've ever owned and of course it's just getting better"

    Derek plays a Buck Creek model.

  • Ben Green

    Ben Green

    of Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road

    "Arthur Hatfield builds one of the finest, best sounding banjos at the most reasonable price I have ever run across. I so enjoy playing mine."

    Ben plays a Celebrity model.

  • Jason McKendree

    Jason McKendree

    of The Josh William Band and The McKendree's

    Jason began playing banjo in 1999 w/ his family band, The McKendrees. The band has recorded two albums, & continue to perform in & around Western Ky. Jason has been the banjo player w/ The Josh Williams band since the band was formed in 2008. The band was named IBMA Emerging Artist of the in 2010.

    Jason has been playing a Hatfield Buck Creek exclusively, since 2009 & is proud to endorse Hatfield Banjos.

    "I love my Hatfield Buck Creek! Arthur builds great sounding banjos & I'm proud to play one."

  • Murrell Thixton

    Murrell Thixton

    of Storefront Congregation

    "Arthur is one of the finest banjo builders & fellers I know & I am honored to be picking one of his instruments."

  • Matt Downing

    Matt Downing

    Plays with Dolly Parton, Jeff Robertson, Prime Time Ramblers and Bluegrass Outfit

    Matt is a self-taught banjo player from Texas. He loves Earl, Reno & Traditional Bluegrass. He plays w/ The Roys & also has his own band in Texas called The Prime Time Ramblers.

    "This banjo is the best banjo I've ever played. The tone you can get out of these banjos is killer, Mr. Hatfield builds the finest banjo on the market"

    Matt plays a Buck Creek Model

  • Charlie Hall

    Charlie Hall

    Charlie Hall has played banjo for the past 40 years in some of the better known Bluegrass Bands in the Central Kentucky area including The Bluegrass Thoroughbreds, The Next Of Kin, John Cosby And The Bluegrass Drifters and at this time with the newly formed Southland Drive Bluegrass Band.

    "I have owned and played some great banjo's and my Hatfield Buckcreek Banjo is right up there with the best of them. It has that just right tone and projection that comes from a well made instrument!"

  • Randy Smith

    Randy Smith

    of The Gentlemen of Bluegrass

    "Arthur makes one of the best banjos on the market today. If you are serious about an instrument, the Hatfield banjo will deliver excellent power and tone."

  • Lyndon Howard

    Lyndon Howard

    of The Velvet Blue

    "I'm very pleased, as well as proud to be picking a Hatfield, every time The Velvet Blue takes the stage!!! - Arthur truly builds a quality banjo"

    Lyndon plays a Aurora Model

  • Rusty Breedlove

    Rusty Breedlove

    plays with Johnny and Jeanette Williams

    Rusty has played with Grasstowne, Alecia Nugent band, Jesse Gregory and Faultline, David Grindstaff and fills in with several bands.

    "Arthur is the man! He is building a killer five! I play a Buck Creek model and this thing is awesome! Anywhere you go high or low on the neck it's got it. I've played several different ones and they all are so consistent. Anyone looking for a killer five needs to check out Hatfield. They are the real deal!"

    Rusty plays a Buck Creek Model. Photo by Dan Boner.

  • Steve Loggie

    Steve Loggie

    of Bobby Giles and Music Mountain

    Past bands have included Lone Star Grass, The Bluegrass Commission, and a guest appearance with the Byron Berline Band.

    "Whether Scruggs style, or melodic fiddle tunes, my Stonycreek sounds amazing and does it all. The craftsmanship is without peer. Thanks Arthur!"

    Steve plays a Stoneycreek Model

  • Kyle Clerkin

    Kyle Clerkin

    of The New Balance

    "Hatfield banjos are by far the best priced pro quality banjos on the market. The workmanship is unbelievable with tone and power to match. The combination makes these banjos some of the best out there."

    Kyle plays a custom Hatfield banjo.

  • Brad Hudson

    Brad Hudson

    of Sideline Bluegrass Band

    Brad plays at Dollywood and has played with Lorraine Jordan and Jeff and Sherry Easter.

  • Roger Helton

    Roger Helton

    plays at Dollywood

    Roger plays a Buck Creek Model.

  • Gary Reese

    Gary Reese

    plays with Bobby Osborne and The Rocky Top Express

    "This Hatfield Banjo is Great"

  • Kelsey Crews

    Kelsey Crews

    plays with Graves Bloodline

    "I am proud to be playing one of the finest Instruments ever made, thanks to my long time family friend, and artist, Mr. Arthur Hatfield."

  • Dale Perry

    Dale Perry

    plays with a Woody Model

    "In my 40+ years of being a musician, traveling the roads and byways, I have had the opportunity to play some of the finest instruments ever constructed. Some of these were older prewar instruments and others were custom built. Arthur Hatfield has crafted some of the best instruments I've ever had in my hands! The most recent one I acquired from him is the Woody model. And exquisite well-built instrument with no tone ring and no hoop- Just a wooden rim tapered at the top. You have to play one of these to believe what it sounds like. This is one of the finest banjos I have ever owned. It is an honor and a pleasure to play the Hatfield Woody Model and endorse it!"

    Dale's band Fast Track on Facebook

  • Gena Britt

    Gena Britt

    plays with a Woody Model

    "I'm so proud to endorse Hatfield banjos! Arthur Hatfield is a first class builder. My Hatfield is not only beautiful, but the tone is second to none and it mics like a dream. Arthur's knows banjos. I couldn't be any prouder to join the family!"

    You can gather information or copy my bio from my website: www.genabritt.com

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