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Rocky Hill Model

Never being a big fan of arch top banjos, I've always preferred the sound of flat heads, but at SPBGMA of 2008, I was approached by Tommy Brown, a fine banjo player, who has always played and preferred arch tops. He asked me about building him an arch top banjo just like my Celebrity Model except and arch top. We agreed on it and that's how the Rock Hill model came to be.


  • Curly Maple w/Gold Plated Hatfield Arch Top Tone Ring
  • 1-pc. Flange
  • Gotoh Geared Tuners
  • 3-Ply Northern Hard Rock Maple Rim from Jimmy Cox
  • Very Finest Tapered Wall Curly Maple Resonator from Jimmy Cox or Gill
  • Northern Hard Rock Curly Maple Neck Handmade by Arthur Hatfield
  • Rosewood (Ebony on request) Fingerboard
  • Inlay by Custom Inlay
  • Rocky Hill Model Banjo Back
  • Rocky Hill Model Banjo Front
  • Rocky Hill Model Banjo Neck

Price: $3,800

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